January 24, 2006

Beagin give a shout out

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Another of my favorite bloggers has given props to Forgiven. Check him out, at beagin.com. Shane Beagin be his name, and many interests be his game. I highly recommend the photo section of the site. Shane does with his digital camer what we all wish we did all of the time, take pictures and share them with the world. Luckily he has one of them good photographer’s eyes. Thanks for the mention Shane.

Out on the WEB…………..

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Our little blog has made the big time. If you google the words Forgiven and Sundance, the first thing that comes up is this blog. Try it!

We’ve also been deemed worth of entry in one of my personally favorite blogs to read,
And I Am Not Lying, For Real. Jeff Simmermon writes this blog, and I can’t recommend it enough. He’s a gifted writer who’s well traveled, articulate, and just plain interesting to read. As a reader, you’ll get to see a slice of the world through Jeffs eyes as he seeks out the slightly offbeat experiences, all without tossing aside the everyday events, and writing about it all with the same gusto and eye for the cracked out side of life. What better place for a mention of our little film. So in all fairness, he links to us, and I’ll link to him.
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Jeff was also there on New Years day this year, when we were all hashing out the gritty details of our lovely poster. He crushed any last morsels of doubt that were lingering in everyones mind as to whether the poster was going in the right direction by giving an impromptu critique in which he very accurately described what he assumed the film was about, judging only from the poster. Nice one Jeff. You set everyone’s mind at rests.

January 12, 2006

Interview with Paul on indiwire.com

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Our fearless master and commander spills all of his personal secrest and talks about the birth of “Forgiven” in an interview on indiwire.com! Read it here.