February 14, 2006

Paul’s Final Entry

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My final entry here on Sundance. A post script that will try to pick up where I left off for the sake of posterity, buy on the morning of the premiere, cialis Monday (alas, rendered with the knowledge and after-tone of already knowing now, as I did not know then, of The Event of Late Friday Night…on which I will tread—when I arrive at Friday night).

January 23, 2006

Paul – Entry 4

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Fortunately this blog isn’t a book on tape because my voice is a little worse for the wear this morning. I was over-served at the Gersh party last night and apparently I was screaming at some point during the evening. Perhaps just trying to talk over the music, ampoule perhaps shouts of exclamation to punctuate my moves on the dance floor—I don’t really recall. But that was an all out blast, shop totally Sundancian in my mind’s eye of what I thought this festival experience would be like. Took a gondola up to this kicky lodge in the pitch dark. And the joint was jumping, great DJ, red wine flowing, all the cast of characters there. My mom and dad and sisters and friends all got in which was so cool, Russell was in top form and I might add was possibly similarly over-served, like myself. Sally was the best, paraded me around a little, a was able to get my groove on, which is important to me. I don’t want to brag, but as far as the dance floor goes I feel as if I ‘still got it,’ so to speak. One unfortunate footnote, as I was departing the dance floor after my last dance, I was pulled back out on the floor by some young lady whom I was not aquainted with—apparently she felt that I ‘still got it’ too. And in a moment of poor judgment I went to toss my water bottle to the floor off to the side so that I could fully avail my unexpected partner of the full range of my dance moves, and I clipped David Gersh in the shin with the bottle. He looked sort of miffed and confused which was understandable; as the host of the party I’m sure he didn’t expect to be treated this way by a guest. And I’m going to apologize to him tonight at the screening and thank him for such a rocking good time last night.

Yesterday was a great day. Game day today, the premiere tonight so I’ll have to cut short my entry today. Will catch up with more tomorrow.

January 21, 2006

Paul – Entry 3

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This morning got off swell. Kelly and I had coffee with a super team of lawyers, pills publicists and our sales agent just to catch each other up on where we are as we head into the screening day after tomorrow. Craig, prostate Steven and Allison are all just great and lovely people and we’re lucky to have them. I had to dash early to catch the bus to the director’s brunch. Saw Maria Magentti as I was boarding over at headquarters and that’s when fortune really smiled on me because we had the most amazing conversation on the hour ride over to the Sundance lodge about this whole trip we’re on. It was the conversation I’d been wanting to have for the last year and half with another director and most fortuitously with a director who has been through exactly what I’m going through as a first time director at Sundance. We talked about everything, pharm the whole process of making our respective movies, the heady things that go down surrounding the festival itself, where to go from here—all of it. She was amazing and so funny and so giving and smart and I already know she’s talented because I read, loved and auditioned for the very movie she’s at the festival with. And she’s my new best friend.

January 20, 2006

Paul – Entry 2

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Soup tells me tonight he’s come across several wire stories about the preponderance Sundance blogs on the web this year…I guess that makes us common.

Anyway, today was a little rocky. Kelly brought me coffee and eggs and bacon in bed which is spoiling, and she shouldn’t do that. I could easily become a nightmare to work with if I started to think of myself as someone who deserved to be served breakfast in bed. But these flannel sheets are pretty sweet and I was finishing up my blog entry from yesterday, so I let it slide. This would turn out to be the best part of my day until well after sunset.

January 19, 2006

Paul – Entry 1

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Well…I suppose there’s no turning back now. So, sovaldi this is where we are, some back-story: Kelly and Steve had been in Turin, Italy, where Steve is art directing NBC’s production of the 2006 Winter games, when we found out about Sundance. So their place in Park Slope had been sublet till March when they were to return. Well, when this little festival thing broke over top of us, I sent up and S.O.S. because, as my three day stint over the summer returning to Wilmington to do pickups with Vanja without Kelly had illustrated to myself and all—producing is not yet my bag and she and I both knew getting her back stateside to pull together the organization of getting us here was crucial and time sensitive, as they say. So she’s basically been back but floating around to different apartments and couches for over a month. With a seven month old baby. And gear. And no husband (yeah, they tied the knot down at city hall over Christmas when Steve was back for a ten day break). So she’s been a trooper, to say the least.

Paul – Opening note:

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Absent but much beloved Cast and Crew of FORGIVEN:

So this marks my first blog entry on the FORGIVEN homepage that art director extraordinaire, see Eric ‘Soup’ Bryant has set up. I’ve never blogged before, I’m not much a diarist, but I shall do my best to submit daily updates on all the hizzle and nizzle—or whatever the kids are saying these days—going on, at least my perspective from behind the snazzy Stussy sunglasses I picked up (along with three great hats) at Century 21 earlier this week, during our ten day Sundance-apalooza here in Park City, Utah. My main purpose is to transport you to main street and beyond so that you all feel you’re here with us, because you are here with us in spirit and your tremendous labor of love that was the making of this movie—each and every one of you—is a gift that Kelly have reflected upon quite frequently in the dizzying days since we got accepted into this festival, constantly revisiting the question: how on earth did this little movie get here??? We got here because of all of you. So enjoy the ride from wherever you are and anytime you see FORGIVEN mentioned or on display in the press…turn to whoever’s nearest to you and say: Yeah, that’s my movie. Sure, I have a movie a Sundance—whatever, no big deal.

And then just casually walk away. Love to you all.